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Metro Special


Metro is Metroplitan's brand yarn: gentle, silky and light, produced for summer/spring/autumn garment production. Available in various colours. 

Metro Mix

This collection is all about colours and variety. Presented in 50g and 100g balls/ cakes, Metro Mix yarn lets you try different combinations of colours and fibre. Knit, Crochet, or use it for art projects! Time to get creative!

    Metro Mix on the Scales

    This collection is committed to yarn cones with different or not standard weights. The same type of yarn cones is sold accordingly to their weight. Click and choose your Metro Mix on the Scales cone!

      Value yarn

      The value yarn collection is devoted to those yarns that have been stored in the warehouse for some time and have lost their original labellings during storage or transportation. Yarns from this collection often don't have information about the material used to produce it or its origins (production company). These yarns are in good/ great condition, unless stated otherwise. Some yarns have been re-packed into 50g or 100g balls (yarn cakes). Value yarns are good for any craft project and come at a reduced price.

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