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Punchcard Patterning on the Silver Reed with Carol

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Machine knitting can be challenging to master, especially the more advanced techniques. However, Carol is here to help you learn all about punchcard patterning. She will guide you through the process step-by-step, teaching you how to achieve optimal results in: - fairisle, - weaving, - tuck and slip stitch, - single motif and fashion lace, - and true lace using the lace carriage, - neckline when patterning with fairisle, - cast-off with behind-the-sinker post method using a transfer tool, - changing colours for colourful patterns. With endless variations to explore, you can use your creativity to design a unique garment. This workshop features a 58-minute long video produced by Metropolitan Machine Knitting back in 1991. It showcases different knitted garments at the end, which can serve as inspiration. The video and its contents are protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorized duplication or public showing is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. This workshop will demonstrate techniques compatible with most knitting machines with sinker posts. To adjust the levers and buttons on the carriage of your Toyota, Brother, Knitmaster, or Silver Reed knitting machine, please refer to the instructions in your machine's manual book.

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