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We believe that everyone can be creative, as long as they let themselves be. At Metropolitan Machine Knitting, we’re committed to delivering the most enjoyable experience for our clients - the most desirable prices, reliable service and extensive assortment. We endeavour to give our customers the appropriate options to let their creativity run wild! Start your creative journey today with us!

Basket of Flowers
Basket of Flowers

A letter from Carol Hocknell

Metropolitan Machine Knitting is almost 100 years old.  Most of you know that the business has been for sale as Mark and I are sadly unable to take it to the 100 year celebration. 

Metropolitan began as a family company selling sewing machines in London. Later a branch in Poole in Dorset was added.   When Mr Williams senior passed away his son David and daughter in law Carol continued the business.  They closed the London shop and Carol introduced Knitting Machines to compliment the Sewing Machines in Wimborne and Poole in Dorset.   In Poole they concentrated on a Knitting and Sewing Shop and at Wimborne the birth of Knitting Club, Knitting Courses and a Warehouse etc. was begun.  When they came to retiring they sold the business to Mark & Carol Hocknell in Poole, Cheshire.   You can tell that the 2 Poole addresses and the 2 Carol’s caused some confusion for a while but we overcame this and Metropolitan has been safely running for more than 30 years in Cheshire.

We have enjoyed meeting many thousands of you over the years both at Metropolitan in Cheshire and at all the Knitting Shows around the Country (including trips to Ireland).  Not only have we made many friends over the years but Customers who have met on Courses have made friends all over the World as we have all met with like-minded interests.  

Mark and Carol have now reached this retirement hurdle.  We are delighted to say though that Helena Bondarcuka has picked up the baton and now Metropolitan is secure for the long term future.  Metropolitan is on the move again. A little further North.  Metropolitan will be based near Leeds from now on.  This ensures continuity for you Customers all around the World with confidence. Once we are able to move freely again we are sure you will get to know Helena as well as you did with us and you will find yourselves meeting in Leeds instead of Nantwich. Thankfully you have Mail Order to keep you going in the meantime.

Happy Knitting Everyone and thank you for all your support over the years.

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