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Instruduction to Knitting with Knitting Machine

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Learning how to knit on a knitting machine can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to setting up the machine and understanding the basic techniques. However, Carol's nearly hour-long video tutorial will guide you through the process and teach you how to create high-quality garments. In this workshop, you will learn: - about the needles and their position, - the knitting carriage and its levers and buttons, - three different cast-on methods, - as well as how to knit hems, welts, ribs, - increase and decrease stitches, - cast off, - and create a simple garment. Please note that copyright laws protect the video and its contents, and unauthorised duplication or public showing is prohibited. This workshop is compatible with most knitting machines with sinker posts. Still, you should refer to your machine's manual book for specific instructions on how to adjust the levers and buttons on the carriage of your Toyota, Brother, Knitmaster, or Silver Reed knitting machine. With endless possibilities, you can use your creativity to design unique and beautiful garments.

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