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Discovering Necklines, Pockets, Buttonholes

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Carol has been passionately involved in machine knitting for many years. She was committed to providing hands-on instruction, lectures, and personal demonstrations. Carol had created helpful videos that any machine knitter can benefit from. Her techniques are easy to follow, presented in a step-by-step format, and can be referred to multiple times. With practice, you can create necklines, pockets, and buttonholes to make you proud. You'll notice visible improvements in your garments as you gain more confidence. It's essential to take the time to master these skills, as the results will be worth it. Carol will guide you through the process, teaching you how to create high-quality garments. Throughout the workshop, you will learn several techniques, including: - how to knit a round neck using the holding method, - how to master v-neck using the fashion decrease method, - how to knit pockets, - and how to create button holes for your garments. The workshop includes about a 50-minute video produced by Metropolitan Machine Knitting in 1991. With endless variations to explore, you can use your creativity to design a unique garment. The video and its contents are protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorised duplication or public showing is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. This workshop will demonstrate techniques compatible with most knitting machines with sinker posts.

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